Powwwder bar

Like a bath bomb, but in powder form. There is a slight difference : since it’s a powder, it fizzes completely as soon as it touches the water, contrary to a bath bomb, that dissolves slowly. This is what creates the wrapping and creamy effect.

Here is how I like to use it to fully enjoy it : I take place in my warm bath, I take my bag and I drop the desired quantity one shot, from high enough. It makes a mini volcano of creamy foam that wraps me in softness. Instant calming sensation

Until today, the powder was available in a limited scent collection. I did some mixes for you, like : grapefruit tangerine, conifers and pear, etc. With the powder bar, I give you the option to make your own creations. The advantage is that if you love a particular scent and you don’t want to mix it, you can buy only that scent.

The size will stay the same as the actual one, 250g for 10$. But the possibilities are endless! Or almost.

We want to see your powder bar! We want to know which scents you mix that smell like heaven! Come show us in our Facebook group “Lunes d’avoiniennes” and on Telegram! I would like to create a file listing all of your mixes, which would be available in the group, so we can try plenty of combinations that we might not have thought about.

Voici quelques pourrrdres :

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