Fudge cake - Little heart of butter
Lune d'avoine

Fudge cake - Little heart of butter

my boyfriend's mother was from Brittany. She would affectionately call him "my little heart of butter". It is in part what inspired me to do this love themed bath bomb for Valentine's day.

I also took inspiration from my own relationship. When I met my boyfriend, I was like a clam. Hard to figure out, hard to gain my trust. I had a self-image that wasn't representative with reality. He knew how to see my true nature and helped me to accept and allow me to be my true self. In a society where everybody needs to fit in a circle, I am a square. Over the course of many months, years even, I have flourished and evolved. I revealed my frosted side with all of my colours...

Like all of my bath bombs, it contains coconut oil, but I added a little heart of cocoa butter for a luxury, silky and wrapping effect in the water. Be careful when getting out, it may be slippery!

I gave it a Valentine's day inspired fragrance : Chocolate fudge cake. You can smell the salty and smooth side of the fudge. It's to die for! By chance you'll already be laying down in the tub...

Baking soda, citric acid, coconut oil, phtalate-free perfume,water, slsa, cocoa butter, water-soluble dye for cosmetic use

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